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This is innocence

The 2009 film ‘The Boy in the striped Pajamas’ is based on the book of the same name though quite a different content shown to the audiences. The ways they show themes to the audiences are different besides just shifting from texts to visual representations, also the characterisation of Bruno is much more reflective to real-time and more aware to the world in which makes a rare case in which the film has a stronger impression than the book.

As one of the readers of the novel, we might find that Bruno did not really feel or realised about what the situation and seriousness was going on around him. For some reasons, this can be interpreted as he constantly ignoring the truth . “‘You don’t have any sisters, do you?’…pretending he hadn’t heard…because he wouldn’t have to answer”, P140. This is a representative of ignorance from Bruno when Shmuel reminded about the true identity of the other side of the fence. “In fact he would do well to keep his mouth shut and cause no chaos at all. Some people might not like it”, P149. Another evidence from the book showing the refusing attitude towards the reality he had faced. These are all through the innocence of a child, but the over innocence had made the character into over ignorance.

Whether as Bruno in the film version seems more subtle to a child’s perspective. A child is at learning stage, as the film went on, his innocence constantly fades away, in the support that we saw Bruno regretted after betraying his friend, but it was less described in the novel in which made him insensitive, emotionless  and annoyed to the readers.

Although, the theme is pretty much similar things, the different choice of presenting gives different impression from the audiences. The narrative style and metaphor uses to describe a character is thought overall success, but however the overall innocence that he is comparing the characterisation of Bruno to the people during the Holocaust, is mis-described and misunderstood into a painful disaster.